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About Us

JRB Enterprises, Ltd was established in Cheshire, England in 1998 to provide Local Authorities with an answer to dog fouling problems in their local parks and popular dog walking spots. The initial product introduction was a dog waste bag dispenser designed to be installed on posts, walls or trees in park entrances making waste bags readily available for dog walkers. The system was trialed by Stockport MBC and was a great success and our dispensers can now be seen in thousands of other parks across Britain and in other parts of Europe.

Since then JRB has continued to bring its customers new and innovative products to help combat dog and litter pollution. It’s unique and award winning Gladiator Dog Bin has been the choice of many customers including British Waterways who awarded JRB with a contract for over 1000 bins recently. The full range of products now include pet waste stations, dog bins, litter bins, poop scoop bags and other types of accessories.

Our customers can be assured of the highest quality products at all times as everything that comes from our factory is ISO 9000 compliant. We strive to offer the best quality available at the best prices possible.